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Has Your Home Not Sold? It could be because it “just wasn't what the buyer was looking for”

At Ready Set Sold, we know what is necessary to sell your home for top dollar. We put it our own money, add in updates that we know buyers are looking for, and repurpose your own belongings to give your home the look it needs to sell, and get you the equity you deserve. We cover the upfront costs of any repairs, staging and coordinating, putting that equity back into your pocket.

Find out how to get the maximum profit out of your home, on our dime!

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Avoid The High Fees Of Wholesale Real Estate Companies

Homeowners often turn to wholesale real estate companies like We Buy Ugly Houses,, or when they need to sell their home fast. Do you feel as though your home needs too much work to sell for what it’s worth? Overwhelmed with the idea of doing repairs or updates yourself? Don’t have the money to cover the upfront cost of needed renovations? Don’t leave money on the table just because you don't have the funds needed to make your home sale ready.

If you're looking at or We Buy Ugly Homes, be aware that wholesale companies like them are stealing from homeowners all over the valley. After giving a "fair market value" offer, companies like Opendoor end up charging you, the seller, additional fees that amount to anywhere between 9-12%.

Before signing with or, think about it like this, if your home has a potential max value of $350,000, but in the condition it's in a wholesale company will likely offer you around $335,000 and then charge their 9-12% fee, means you're giving about $45,000 of your homes equity to that investor. Who then spruces it up a bit and puts it back on the market. For a small investment and a bit of patience, every home has the potential to sell for Top Dollar. Ready, Set, Sold puts their own money into updating your home, so that you net the maximum profit.

Before heading to Opendoor, call the experts at Ready Set Sold first.

Sell Your Home Faster, For More Money

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Don't Settle For A Low Ball Offer

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After twelve years of experience in the Phoenix real estate market, we grew tired of showing homes that struggled to grab a buyer's interest due to cosmetic features. We've seen countless homes which had the potential to receive a far greater selling pricewith a few slight repairs or upgrades, but the owners either don't have the cash on hand to make this possible or don't have the vision. A partnership with Ready, Set, Sold solves this issue and ensures sellers receive top dollar for their homes.

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Ready Set Sold Gives Back

Our team created Ready Set Sold to help sellers make more money on the sale of their home. We are so fortunate to love what we do and we want to touch as many families as we can. We felt the best way we could give back was by contributing to a Charity that is near and dear to our hearts. From personal experience we know how immensely difficult cancer can be for a family to endure. We chose to donate $500 from every sale with Ready Set Sold to the Arizona Children’s Cancer Foundation which supports the families of children with cancer. We hope each donation can help relieve some of the pressure of the families here in Phoenix.

See Our Process:

Our strong relationships with reputable contractors, vendors and tradespeople allow us to get the necessary upgrades to your home at cost.
Ready, Set, Sold’s home renovation experts will be by your side from start to finish.


Free consultation. A neighborhood market analysis is done to determine what’s necessary to sell your home at top value.


You, the Homeowner, will decide how much or how little you would like to be put into the updates of your home. A proposal will be provided for approval.


Work begins within two weeks of an accepted proposal or at a future date set by the homeowners and the contracting teams.


Our team handles all necessary cleaning, staging, and photography once repairs are finished.


The listing is put up within a week of the home’s photos being finished.


Once the home has closed, Ready, Set, Sold will be reimbursed for the cost of repairs out of the sale proceeds.


Ready, Set, Sold can help to find your next dream home!

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Who You're Working With

Caitlin and Jill are our names. We're two Phoenix Real Estate Experts and the masterminds behind Ready, Set, Sold. Our dedication, network, and deep market knowledge of the Phoenix area are what makes Ready, Set, Sold an innovative and successful option for home sellers looking to get the best possible price on their home.

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